Route Entertainment singer Vivian Tendo is ready to go all the way to prove her virginity status, even a lie detector test if need be.

While appearing on the Urban Television Wishlist show, Vivian Tendo revealed that she was brought up well and she is still a virgin.

The singer has been rumored to be dating a couple of celebrities including Yese Oman Rafiki, Dre Cali, Pastor Andrew Jengo, among others.

She denied dating her mentor and producer Yese Oman Rafiki referring to it as “a very disrespectful” allegation.

The 23-year-old singer also revealed that she does not have a single ex-lover and she was even willing to prove her innocence with a lie detector.

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Yes I am a virgin. I know and I am sure of what I am saying. Yeah, I don’t know any man. If you want you can even bring the lie detector.

I am a virgin you guys, have you ever seen me with any man? Whoever has evidence should present it. If you don’t have evidence then you should not despise what I’m telling you. People be virgin even at thirty (years old).

Vivian Tendo

Vivian Tendo adds her name on the long list of female renown figures that have publicly claimed their virginity including Doreen Kabareebe, Irene Ntale, Carol Nantongo, among others.

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