Ailing singer Lil Pazo publicly issued his apology to NBS TV presenter Zahara Totto for insulting her in 2018.

In September 2018, singer Mukasa Yasin a.k.a Lil Pazo was arrested after attempting to assault the then Spark TV presenter Zahara Totto.

Lil Pazo stormed the Spark TV studios looking for Zahara Totto and Anatalia Oze who he claimed had made it a norm of spreading lies about him on their popular Live Wire show.

The Genda Ogule Emotoka singer had earlier appeared in a video alleging that Zahara Totto was caught trying to steal a wallet in a bar, how she used to abuse drugs, and how she is bumless and not attractive.

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Their silent war has been going on since until on Friday 13th August, 2021 when Lil Pazo offered a public apology which appearing on NBS UnCut.

The ailing Lil Pazo asked for forgiveness from the NBS TV presenter and he claims some of his acts were a setup by other people.

I apologise to my sister Zahara Totto for all that happened. I beg that she forgives me. Some of those things were a set up by someone else who told me to do them.

Lil Pazo

Upon receiving Lil Pazo’s apology, Zahara Totto revealed that she does not hold onto grudges and as a mother, she forgave the singer longtime ago.

“I thank Lil Pazo for apologising in front of the cameras but I personally forgave him longtime ago. I am a parent, I am a mother, there are things I let go of. I don’t keep a grudge. He shouldn’t worry,” said Zahara Totto.

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