In her letter to single mothers, Kenyan singer and businesswoman Esther Akoth a.k.a Akothee talks about pain, honesty, comparison, finance, coparenting, and dating.

At 41-years-old, Akothee has seen it all. Dating, relationships, divorce, pain, desperation, and so much more.

The mother of five has been standing up for women who go through similar situations, using her experience to uplift and motivate them.

Through a long letter shared on her social media pages on Friday, the Kenyan singer teaches single mothers about endurance, and other aspects that are important in their lives.

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Read the letter below:

A letter to all single mothers, divorced, separated, desperated:

  1. PAIN; Pain is inevitable, you will never enjoy happiness if you haven’t felt how it feels being unhappy.
  2. HONESTY; Honesty is the best policy. Be kind enough to yourself and accept that you are going through a challenge. Never complain and never explain, just find ways on how to get things better. Lying about your spouse to get sympathy or attention is the worst you can ever do to you/yourself or your family. JUST BE HONEST.
  3. COMPARISON; Never compare your family with others. We all broke our relationships with different reasons, we all dated different characters from different backgrounds, ethnic groups and races. We can never be the same, comparison is a thief of joy.
  4. FINANCE; Well, the moment you have a child, your life will nolonger be the same. You will have to work extra hard to make that child you brought on earth safe, comfortable and secure. It doesn’t matter whether the father is a billionaire or a pawpaw. You as a mother will have to step up for the other percentage missing. He will come back to his senses some day but before that, the baby has to have the basic needs. Roof over his/her head, education, medication, care/attention, clothing. Don’t panick if you can’t save a peny, you are investing in your children, this is one of your biggest investments embrace it.
  5. CO-PARENTING; Never rejoice. It’s never easy to share a platform with someone you don’t give goodies anymore, especially (that) men never or have a problem with moving on. They wish you could onjesha them kidogo. Do this at your own risk, hurt yourself more. Sleeping with a baby daddy you ain’t living with anymore is suicidal. You don’t have to give goodies for child support. It’s not barter trade I beg, it’s a child’s right. Unless you are enjoying it, then it’s your life, don’t tell us. However, respect the fathers of your children
  6. DATING; Date my friend, however it’s not gonna be easy since the person coming into your life might be a blessing or a curse. Before you introduce a man into your childrens life, do a background check. Hata uwe mtamu Bamba gani huwezi jikula.

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