Controversial socialite Bad Black has requested that another longer nude video of Emmanuel Lwasa with his booty shaking should be released.

Following the leaking of the trending video of a naked man, supposedly Emmanuel Lwasa, Bad Black quickly hinted on the possibility of it having been photoshopped.

Through Facebook, the socialite and influencer noted how it was all covered with photos to confuse the viewer.

In another post on the app, Bad Black then urged whoever leaked it to release a longer video so that people can observe and decide whether it is Lwasa indeed.

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Bad Black, while commenting on the “small manhood” of the character in the video, also asked that the longer video, if released, should show Lwasa shaking his booty atleast.

Next time, you don’t need to put that big photo of his because we all know his looks. Twagala mutuwe full video nobutako bwakwo, not zero seconds. Atleast akasolo kayime, sibitegela all my evening peace is taken.

We need another long video with butako dancing mpozi lwasa tayima that ka thing s so small oba abakazi abalina amabiina amanene abagaza ki mpozi kachabali afananye omuzungu gwe nabba simanyi there zoloboka twining.

Bad Black

Lwasa, a Masaka businessman and increasingly popular socialite, denied being the one in the video. He says that it was poorly photoshopped.

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