Online music distributor, Promoter Musa, real name Musa Makanga, who also doubles as a singer is step-by-step working hard to make his mark in Uganda’s music industry in a unique style.

The young lad who is somewhat short of funds to go mainstream like the rest, decided to invest his energies in going digital and has since released a couple of songs that many of you have never heard before on any mainstream media outlet.

He started his music career at the age of 17 as an online music promoter, mostly requesting for A Pass’ music because of the great love he has for the singer.

Promoter Musa has worked with a variety of top Ugandan musicians and producers such as A Pass, Grace Nakimera, Herbert Skillz and international rapper 6ix9ine where he published his “Gooba” lyrics which are shown in the google feeds immediately one searches about the song. The song debuted at No.3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart in 2020 (dated May 23).

We were drawn to his attention by how he has managed to solider on in the music industry without funds and what the lockdown has taught him since he officially begun releasing music early in 2020.

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He answers a few of our questions below:

Who inspired you to join the music industry and online promotion?

I was inspired by pushing A Pass’ music and requesting for it at different media outlets while using my electronic devices. In fact, I never had any thoughts or dreams of becoming an artist but, just out of the blue, the idea came to my mind.

Why did you opt to become an online artist instead of going mainstream?

I chose to do online promotion and music because I was just using the devices that I had at hand and I also couldn’t afford to foot the bills that come with promoting music on mainstream.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered in your music career so far before and during the lockdown period?

Since I’m not a performing artist, I have not been financially challenged so far because I usually promote my music using online platforms.

But as a music promoter, there is a challenge when helping other musicians to promote and distribute their music since it takes time and sometimes don’t pay for the services.

What have you achieved from the music industry and where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

So far am grateful to God that I have managed to make connections with very many different individuals in the arts industry who include local and a few international artists. I have also managed to create a brand and fan base which makes my services authentic and trusted.

The biggest achievement that I am apparently proud of is that I managed to release my maiden EP (Extended Play) and I am still working on more.

I am happy that my single titled “Mama Sita” featuring Mayestron hit one million streams in a period of three weeks on Audiomack since the date of its release. It became the first song to reach that milestone in Uganda and so far am the first local artist to hit two million streams on Audiomack.

In ten years to come, I wish to see my music distribution company “PM Music Publishing Ltd” become a very big brand in Africa where I will also be able to sign artists and manage them.

What keeps you motivated or energized while working?

Self-belief, Love, and passion for music.

Which artists would you like to work with in Uganda and the whole of Africa?

A Pass, Mr. Eazi, and any other talented artists within Africa.

Can you briefly give an insight to upcoming artists and promoters on how to join the streaming Apps like Amazon, Audiomack, among others, and how they can benefit from them?

By using distribution companies like Tunecore, Distrokid, Ditto, PM Music Publishing Ltd, and many more.

The benefit of using streaming Apps is that they help in easy distribution of music, offers a solution to music piracy, encourages people to pay for music, gives exposure especially to new talents in the music industry and with time they can earn money from their artistic works.

Uploading music on streaming Apps has enabled artists to analyze how people interact with their music. They also provide platforms to people in overseas nations to listen to music with ease.

Brief Background

Musa Makanga a.k.a Promoter Musa was born on 24th July, 1999 in Kampala, Uganda. He grew up in Bwondha, Mayuge district where he was raised by a single mother.

He went to Jereth nursery and primary school for his primary level. He then joined Equator College school for his secondary education.

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