MC Africa a.k.a Mr. Tupaate says he cannot smash his superstar singer Tracy Kirabo alias Pia Pounds even though she gave him some nyam nyam.

MC Africa gave the stunning statement while replying to a question in an interview on Galaxy FM during the Red Seat Mid-morning Tukoone show after Mr. Henrie asked him if he would smash Pia Pounds at any given opportunity.

The spot on MC Africa replied saying at the moment, he looks at Pia Pounds as his own sister. He added that he apparently can’t dive into the sheets with her based on the support she has given him.

If Pia Pounds gives some, I refuse to smash her. Apparently, I consider Pia Pounds as my own sister. Secondly if someone gives you a hand or lifts you from one position to another, then why would you involve in such sexual stuff.

MC Africa

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MC Africa went on to elaborate that involving sexual stuff in friendships most of the time ruins them.

He also noted that at the moment, he loves to keep his friendship with Pia Pounds stronger and growing.

MC Africa then said that even though it is a given for men to always get sexual feelings and get out of control, it’s not the case with him and Pia since he has no feelings for her.

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