Nader Barrak, Dorah Mwima

Former Miss Uganda 2008 Dorah Mwima shared an exciting and interesting story as she marked her eighth engagement anniversary with her hubby Nader Barrak.

Taking to her Instagram, the mother of four noted how she recently asked her baby daddy why he chose to take her all the way to Jinja just to propose to her yet he could do it around Kampala.

Her hubby replied saying he opted to take her as far as Jinja so that if she turned him down, he would just leave her there and let her find her way back to Kampala.

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She, however, survived getting stranded in Jinja and trekking back to Kampala simply because she gave him a positive response and since that day, everything has been smooth in their relationship.

As you read this, the couple will soon welcome their fifth child as Dorah Mwima is expecting to give birth anytime soon.

A couple of days ago I asked my husband why he had to take me all the way to Jinja to propose to me. “Like couldn’t you do it on the streets of Kampala, in a restaurant, stop an entire concert or something and get down on your knees to pop the question?”

Nader: Eh, Eh… ppssshhh what if you said No? Had to take you somewhere far, just the 2 of us…
If you had said No, I would leave you there and you find your way back.

After once upon a time it “ending in Akamba “, this would have ended in a trek back to Kampala. Thank God I said yes!Happy 8th Engagement Anniversary Habibi you are one of the best decisions I made in my life. No regrets.

Dorah Mwima

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