After about a year, singer Nina Roz real name Nina Nankunda has officially parted ways with Black Market Records and she accuses the label of taking over her YouTube channel.

Around September 2020, Nina Roz joined BMR after leaving Sure Events Management after being recommended by fellow artiste Daddy Andre.

About a year later, she has revealed that she parted ways with BMR after clashing over the modes of work and that she is currently not signed under any label/management.

While speaking to media on Thursday, Nina cleared the air about her relationship with her former record label disclosing how she is now not signed under any record label or management having part ways with Black Market Records.

Nina added that she also lost her YouTube channel to Black Market Records and that she apparently has no YouTube but she is positive that in the near future she will get one.

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I do not belong anywhere. I do not have a management apparently and I am transparent enough to always tell my fans what happens in my life. If something happens and I find management to be signed to, I will let you know.

Nina Roz

“For now, I am not on YouTube. Let’s first sort this and I will tell my fans when the channel is back on. I didn’t now that time will reach and they (Black Market Records) remove my YouTube channel because they are not the ones who created it,” she added

Nina then noted how the industry has been infiltrated by people who call themselves managers when they are not really so, and why she has often fallen out with a couple of managements and record labels in the past years.

“Some of them are only here for the hype, others have hidden agendas but they forget that you, as an artiste, have a dreams and goals, and that you need to achieve them at your own pace.

“The reason I’ve fallen out with several managements is because they move too fast. I am not the type of woman who does that, I love moving at my pace so in the long run, we fail to agree on certain things,” Nina said.

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