It’s a Fridaaaaaayyyyyy….and the last Friday of the month! We look at the top ten songs that have rocked the airwaves in the month of August 2021.

The month of August has had a couple of twists in terms of music with just a few artistes releasing new songs.

In this countdown, we focus on songs that have dominated the airwaves on radio, television, and on the different online streaming platforms.

Liam Voice

Top Ugandan 10 Songs of August 2021

  1. Tupaate – Pia Pounds
  2. Lock – Fik Fameica
  3. Omwoyo – Liam Voice
  4. Gulu – Feffe Bussi
  5. Yolo – Sheebah Karungi
  6. Weekend – Eddy Kenzo
  7. Gwe Amanyi – Mudra
  8. Banange – Ykee Benda feat. Lydia Jazmine
  9. Radio Call.9 – An-Known Prosper
  10. Mbimala – John Blaq

Bonus Track: Yoola – B2C feat. Aroma

(Disclaimer: This countdown is purely subjective based on airplay and the impact of the above listed songs in the music circles through August)

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