Black Market Records’ Tony Mulungi has threatened to take down Nina Roz’s new song on which she features Serena Bata if it gets uploaded on YouTube.

Mulungi threatened to take down Nina Roz’s new song featuring Serena Bata while speaking through a phone call interview on Spark TV’s LiveWire show.

He also warned whoever dares to work with Nina Roz or Bruno K on musical projects before they settle their misunderstandings to bear it in mind that their content will be struck.

Mulungi who sounded bitter added that striking their accounts and content will teach local artists a lesson that they cannot just quit record labels at any time they feel like.

Tony Mulungi

He further noted that they are in their right as a record label to do whatever they are doing to these artistes since they signed contracts with the label.

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He advised Serena Bata’s manager Abtex and his team to wait before uploading their new project on YouTube until BMR’s misunderstanding with Nina Roz is settled.

In a recent interview, Abtex warned the Black Market Records boss against oppressing artists as he hinted about how her singer Serena Bata and Nina Roz were in the final stages of releasing their new song.

Abtex went on to note that record labels have to let go of artists if they feel unhappy about the contracts they signed with them saying contracts are not like a bible or Quran where agreements cannot be changed.

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