Former Goodlyfe crew singer Diamond Oscar a.k.a Bling Bling Master has revealed that ever since the novel Covid19 infectious disease struck, he ventured into poultry farming as a way of survival.

He apparently rears rabbits that bring him some cash through selling rabbits meat, skin, and urine in litters of which a jerrycan goes for Shs80,000.

He adds that rabbits urine is used as manure by farmers reasoning that it acts as one of the best fertilizer that any farmer should use to have the best harvest.

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He also stated that he has managed to survive on his other small scale businesses that he set up since concerts were suspended and doesn’t have any regrets because he is doing fine.

The Awawa singer shocked many when he disclosed that chilling and being around socialites is also one of the way how he has managed to survive and he also considers it as his other partime job since they at times hire him to perform at small functions as well as toss him handouts to feed on.

Diamond Oscar is famous for hit songs such as Take It Easy, Superstar, Terminator featuring GNL Zamba, Tonumya ft Sheebah Karungi among many others.

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