Zari Hassan went all-guns-blazing on her Instagram page where she promised to expose her ex-friend Norma Mngoma following a bitter fallout.

Norma Mngoma, the estranged wife of disgraced South Africa Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba, exposed Zari Hassan while appearing on Lasizwe’s YouTube show Drink or Tell the Truth.

During the show, Norma claimed that she had essentially ghosted Zari after the latter gossiped about her.

“I stopped talking to her and she started texting me asking…and then I unfollowed her and deleted pictures. And I’ve never said anything about her, until today,” Norma said.

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Upon landing on the video of Norma’s claims, South Africa based Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan rushed to her Instagram where she promised to expose Norma.

According to the Instagram stories that MBU managed to look at, Zari claims that Norma is fake and was only hanging around her for fame.

The mother of five noted that she used to tag Norma in her social media posts just to give her some followers but she turned against and started saying things behind her back.

When they separated, Zari claims that Norma started making TV appearances where she talked ill of her just to chase clout.

Norma Mngoma

Zari revealed that she cut off most of her friends because she is fed up of living a life full of drama and fake people.

She is now ready to do whatever it takes to put her ex-friend back in her place if she does not stop talking ill about her.

I’m living a drama free life because I no longer hang with fake people like you. You were here for the likes and followers.

Everytime I tagged you, you got excited when you got followers like a kid in a candy store. The real reason behind my breakup with you was more than what you’re gossiping for TV clout.

I’m the last person you want provoke. Norma I will expose you, I will strip you naked. Don’t come for me unless if I have called for you.

your ex husband will be shocked if he was married to a mahosha or a wife. Come slow sis, I don’t do drama, I burnt that all building. I no longer live there. Peace.

Zari Hassan

Zari also mocked Norma in her other IG story where she shared a picture of herself laughing, with the caption, “It’s the fake laughs for me on such a low budget show…smh!”

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