Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema asks those that are not impressed by her bikini photos to unfollow her on social media following huge criticism over the weekend.

Over the weekend, Bebe Cool and Zuena Kirema had a good time at Chobe Safari Lodge as they celebrated the Gagamel singer’s birthday.

In some of the photos they shared online, Zuena showed off her sexy momma body, sat by the pool, dressed in a bikini.

Immediately the photos were shared online, critics arose to throw shade at the mother of five saying she was showing off way too much skin.

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While appearing on an interview with BTM TV’s Brian Macona, Zuena Kirema defended her dress code saying she was wearing a bikini to go for a swim.

The former Miss Uganda contestant and NTV Uganda journalist also asked those that do not like what she does to unfollow her because she will continue to live her life the way she wants.

There’s not much that was shown. I sat by the pool with just my back and that’s it, there was really nothing much but you know people love putting others down.

And another thing, did they want us to swim and take photos in gomesis and kanzus? Obviously it can’t happen, you have to be in a costume but we didn’t show much.

We are doing what makes us happy so no matter what they say, this is what makes us happy. If you feel like it’s provoking you, unfollow. Simple as that!

Zuena Kirema

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