For Ugandan music to cut across the world, Kalifah Aganaga advises Ugandan musicians to focus on releasing more Kidandali songs because he believes it is “the Ugandan sound.”

In 2019, celebrated Ugandan music producer Paddy Man noted that Ugandan music does not have a particular identity and can only be classified as “Kidandali”.

Paddy Man explained the meaning of “Kidandali” as “dancehall” – a word that originates from chaos, a bar or hall with a lot of noise.

According to, “Kidandali originates from Ganda language which in translation can mean ‘local party’ or ‘celebratory function’.”

Paddy Man

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Many of the renown Ugandan musicians have always admitted that it is the style of music that they do. Kalifah Aganaga now urges them to concentrate on it more to create an identity for Ugandan music.

While appearing on NTV The Beat show on Wednesday, the Bad Character Records CEO argued that Ugandan music will not make it on international scene if we do not find an identity.

He gave an example of how internationally; South Africans are known for Kwaito and Amapiano, Nigerians for Afro-beat, Tanzanians for Bongo Flava and Taarab, and Jamaica for Dancehall music.

He hence longs for a day when Ugandan music will have its own special classification and identity which in he believes should be ‘Kidandali’.

Kalifah also revealed that the local industry needs investors to invest in music if Uganda wants to compete with the likes of Tanzania and Nigeria musically.

“The biggest challenge I have faced in the music industry is financing. We need investors in the music industry if we are to catch up with Tanzanians and Nigerians,” Kalifah Aganaga said.

Do you agree with Aganaga?

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