Urban TV and Bukedde TV presenter Jommie Nankya and singer Hanson Baliruno had a heated argument which leaked into the public over the weekend.

The argument between the two originates from the TV personality allegedly speaking ill of Hanson Baliruno, claiming that he does not know how to sing.

In a video accessed by MBU, Nankya classified Hanson Baliruno as one of those untalented artistes during her Short Circuit show on Urban TV while hosting Chosen Becky.

She also made comments about him not having children nor a wife which Baliruno found rather derogatory.


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Upon landing on different videos showing Nankya’s remarks, the infuriated Hanson Baliruno gave her a call in which he threatened to harm her if she does not stop speaking ill of him.

While appearing in an interview with a local YouTuber, Baliruno denied Nankya’s allegations that he pays people to play his music.

When I begun music, there are some people who said I won’t make it, others even reached a point and stopped playing my music saying I must give them money but I cannot pay everyone. I don’t pay media houses to play my music.

Hanson Baliruno
Jommie Nankya

He said that he was attacked because such media people look for weak celebrities and provoke them thinking they will not retaliate.

Baliruno said that Nankya has been continuously insulting him and he approached many of her friends asking them to talk to her to stop insulting him but she did not listen.

He admitted to calling Nankya but claims that the audio which she leaked has her parts cut out because she wanted to be seen as the victim.

Baliruno said that he made the call because he was really angry and he asks Nankya to let him be because he has nothing against her.

Watch the full interview below:

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