Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika, now eight months pregnant, has decided to welcome her bundle of joy in Kenya contrary to expectations that she would opt for the USA.

Vera Sidika, a renown socialite and beautician, made the revelation that she will become a mother in her homeland on Monday.

Despite having a valid 5 years US visa, Vera Sidika expressed her fears of being lonely during birth in the USA hence choosing Kenya for her maternity period.

“I almost travelled to give birth in USA since my 5 years Visa is valid but this Covid pandemic isn’t fun. Then again, we couldn’t handle the idea of being away from family and friends during my pregnancy for 4-6 months,” Vera Sidika said.

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She added, “While pregnant, you need all the love, affection from friends, family. On a regular. Being in a foreign country where everyone is super busy, working 2 or more jobs to even have time for you can be every depressing especially in this pandemic. You all just end up alone while everyone’s at work. I made the right decision and I have enjoyed my entored pregnancy journey. Nothing beats Home.”

Sidika also talked about how her pregnancy has been smooth while in Kenya.

“How I’m 8 months pregnant and still don’t feel pregnant, I feel the same way I felt before pregnancy. The only change is; my belly got bigger and there’s a little human kicking nonstop. Other than that, I am so shocked. I don’t feel pregnant.

Vera Sidika and hubby Brown Mauzo (Instagram)

“No morning sickness or tiredness. At 5 months’ people said; oh you might be feeling okay now but wait till you get to 7-8 months you won’t like it. Now am here. Since 7 months I have been waiting to feel what they told me I will feel but haven’t. I can jump, run, I do everything as a normal non pregnant person. I’m actually loving it. I can’t believe my bump will go away soon. All in all, God is God,” wrote Vera Sidika on her Instagram stories.

The socialite has bern documenting her pregnancy from the start and went ahead to open a TikTok account to show her last months during pregnancy.

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