According to Ugandan musician Bebe Cool, parents must learn to focus more on nuturing their children’s talent more as it is the best investment.

Overtime, Bebe Cool has made it clear that he will always support his kids to discover their God-given talents and pursue them.

He is living proof of the advice he gives to other parents as he is always at the forefront of the nuturing of his children’s talents.

His eldest son Allan Hendrick a.k.a Paper Daddy is a musician, Alpha Thierry Ssali is a footballer, Princess Beata Sophie Ssali is an instrumentalist, among others.

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Through social media, Bebe Cool noted how investing in children’s talents helps them become financially independent in future which, is a dream for all parents.

A dream I will live to die for, supporting the talents of our children is the best investment one can do as a parent.

Not all investments are meant to pay you cash but as long as the ones you invest in become financially independent, then you’re left with no human liabilities.

Bebe Cool

He’s got a point, doesn’t he?

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