Nsimbi – a duo formed by GNL Zamba and Miriam Tamar – released its brand new single dubbed ‘Mbaga’ and the visuals will wow you.

‘Mbaga’ is a Luganda word translated to mean “Wedding” or “Party”. It is project that you might hear severally being played at weddings.

On ‘Mbaga’, Nsimbi plays on this analogy to merge two worlds, combining Baganda folklore storytelling and Jewish niggun vocals all on a bed of Zanzibari inspired East African rhythms.

The irresistible kidandali baseline provided by the drum kick urges you to dance. It resonates well with African sound.

Produced by Kuseim, ‘Mbaga’ is the spirit of joy and exuberance that binds lovers together. It is the first single off Nsimbi’s forthcoming EP dubbed ‘Infinity’.

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The colorful video directed by Matege Rogers was shot on the shores of Lake Nalubale (Victoria). The concept and costumes (styled by Kaijuka Abbas) will have your eyes glued to the screen.

The choreography was done by the talented Lillian Maximilian. Take a gaze at the visuals below:

About Nsimbi

Nsimbi is a Ugandan – American international award-winning duo formed by Ugandan hip-hop pioneer GNL Zamba and American world fusion artist Miriam Tamar.

Building on the acoustic sounds and indigenous instruments of Africa, Nsimbi blends contemporary elements of “Lugaflow”, hip-hop, and spoken word with English/Western songwriting and vocals to merge the traditional with the modern.

The duo is on a mission to create positive, uplifting art. Their album ‘Infinity’ is a celebration of Ugandan/East African sounds, recorded, mixed and mastered in East Africa.

We are all here as individuals, with our own journey to follow, but it’s through human connection, shared humanity, community, love that we find meaning. When we love each other, our love transcends time, through generations, through friendships, through communities. We become infinite, as love is infinite.


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