Ever-jolly journalist Samson Kasumba lives to see another day after surviving a bathroom fall in Dubai, UAE where he is covering the Dubai Expo 2020.

Sudies have shown that for people aged 65 and older, falls account for approximately 60% of all injury-related emergency department visits and over 50% of injury-related deaths annually. Up to 80% of falls domestically occur in the bathroom.

NBS Television news anchor Samson Kasumba survived adding his name to the shocking stats on Wednesday 6th October, 2021 after slipping in the bathroom.

Through his Twitter, the 47-year-old Kasumba revealed how he was “very lucky” to survive the fall. He said he was saved by the small size of the bathroom.

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It is believed that the celebrated journalist slipped in the shower but was quick to hold his ground by spreading his arms wide and gaining support from the bathroom walls of the small bathroom.

The near-horror experience left Kasumba with lots of thoughts about what would have happened had he not been as lucky.

Am very lucky this fall in the shower could have ended up very, very badly. Make your shower box smaller. I just realized it helps.

The things in my mind are numerous right now. Thank God it has not been as bad as most I have heard. Amen to our God. Back to hunting news here in UAE.

Samson Kasumba

Thank God he is fine!

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