Bebe Cool advises his comrade Jose Chameleone against quitting music after reports which revealed his he is planning to call it career in seven years.

According to an article by ran a few weeks ago, Jose Chameleone is considering to bow out of the music industry in the next seven years.

Chameleone desires to end his 26-year-old career and to cease begging for support and circumstantial consent from the public.

“Tell them that I got only seven years to quit this music. I no longer want to keep pleading to people,” Jose Chameleone is quoted to have said during a phone call interview with a local TV station.

His longtime comrade Bebe Cool advises him not to drop the mic anytime soon.

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During a YouTube interview on Gagamel TV, Bebe Cool told the Leone Island singer not to quit because this is the time they should use to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

We fought hard to get the industry here. It is time to enjoy our sweat. You can’t just retire.

Bebe Cool

Chameleone still has lots of unreleased music including the “I Am Joseph” album which had been slated to drop on Independence Day but the plans changed.

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