Renown hairstylist Kennedy Zziwa alias Hair by Zziwa has disclosed that during the times when he was addicted to drugs, he would use 3 to 5 bags of cocaine in a single night in order to feel at peace.

The celebrated hairstylist opened up about his drug addiction while appearing on JK Kazoora’s LateNitesWithJK show on NBS TV as they discussed about the usage of toxic substances amongst the youth.

Kennedy Zziwa narrated that his addiction started slowly with beer, then to whiskey, and to other substances when he was still in China as he often spent his free time with rich personalities who would buy in plenty.

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He reveals that he lost control of himself and even when he returned to Uganda, the habit continued till he started using 3 to 5 bags of cocaine in a single night.

When it became worse, his wife dumped him because she would not tolerate his behaviours anymore.

My addiction started slowly with beer, moved to whiskey without knowing that things were moving out of my control.

I reached a time when I would use 3 to 5 bags of cocaine in the night. This is the time when I needed to visit the rehabilitation center.

During the time I was addicted my wife had to leave me because she couldn’t tolerate me.

Kennedy Zziwa

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