AfroPapi ( Sharif Kawooya ) is a Kawempe born Ugandan music Artist , YouTuber and fashion designer at Dope squard clothing line based in the Netherlands. AfroPapi just like the stage name states, is passionate about making good music combining Afro beat and a smooth blend of other genres owning the feel of uniqueness to his flavor. He is well versed with the video directing having done some works with different Artists internationally. Versatile as he comes, fun is ultimate..!!

“My passion for music started during the pandemic, I was bored and didn’t have much to do so I decided to focus on that one thing I always wanted to do,(Music) So with my savings I bought musical instruments and built my own music studio in my old room (@theflyboystudioNl )There I spent most of my time trying this, combining urban beats with my Ugandan music roots afrobeats which even led to my stage name AFRO PAPI”

AfroPapi’s goal with music is to try and spread the Ugandan afro vibes in the Diaspora and promote tourism in Uganda.

“This new music video is inspired by the imaginary kingdom with me as a king 👑 back in Uganda”

Watch the Video Here!

YouTube video

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