Outspoken Catholic church leader Father Deogratius Kiibi Kateregga says a relationship or marriage without money is very risky to maintain.

He reasons that when a couple is short of funds to foot basic needs at home; from food, rent, school fees, and other items, it is destined to face a lot of hardships.

He explains that for a marriage to be sweet and free-flowing, there has to be money and that those in love should each work hard to contribute to the well-being of their children and relatives at large.

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Father Kiibi Kateregga narrated that a person aged between 30 to 50 has to study, give birth to children, service loans, and not get in the comfort zone waiting to be a beggar and surviving on handouts all the time.

A moneyless marriage is very risky. The age gap between 30 and 50 is the perfect time for a young man to work tirelessly.

Father Kiibi Kateregga

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