Renown content creator and movie director Loukman Ali has opened up on why he has so far not worked with Ugandan artistes in his music visuals career.

Speaking to NBS TV, Loukman Ali who recently became the first Ugandan filmmaker to have a Ugandan movie – “The Girl In The Yellow Jumper” – feature on Netflix, stressed that he doesn’t know how to deal with big stars.

He narrated that he is not the kind of guy who is in position to force or push grown-up individuals to do what he feels is right.

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He notes that even though someone pays him huge sums of money and they don’t get to do what he feels is right, he gets disappointed and loses the morale for the project.

I personally, I don’t know how to deal with big stars. You know, sometimes am not that kind of guy who can be there trying to push grown-up people on doing certain things I feel right.

Loukman Ali

Loukman did not rule out the possibilty of working with Ugandan musicians. As long as they agree on something with the artist and it is met, everything can go on well.

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