Photos of Spark TV presenter Gabie Ntaate dressed in a wedding gown sparked off a debate on social media about if she indeed got married or if it was just a photoshoot for her bridal gowns business.

If she is not at the Serena based Spark TV presenting the controversial Live Wire show, Gabriella Beidget Ntaate is in studio singing.

Away from that, she is an entrepreneur who deals in bridal gowns – a business she often advertises through her widely followed social media platforms.

On Wednesday morning, photos showing Ntaate in wedding setup photoshoot with a yet to be identified gentleman rocked social media.

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On the photos Ntaate shared on her IG, she added the caption; “Until death do us part, I promise you that I do. Nkwagala, happily ever after.”

In another post, she wrote, “You are the person I prayed for forever with.” She made it a point to stress that she is the one behind the bridal gowns.

Having seen the photos, netizens were left torn between saying “Congratulations” and “No, it’s a video shoot for her new song.”

Ntaate is yet to confirm the actual news behind the photos but a few online publishers have already defined it as a “Glamorous private wedding.”

Take a look at the photos below:


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