Anitah ‘Fabiola’ Kyarimpa is facing trouble conducting her online businesses as her Instagram account has been banned for over a month now.

The socialite and media personality can no longer use her IG to comment, post photos, stories, or even like other posts following the ban.

It is not clear what led to the ban but we suspect it was due to the usage of copyrighted content. This has taken a period of more than a month and she is now fed up.

Anita has asked her followers to comment, like, and save the last post on her account so that the algorithm can fix it and she retains her account.

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Hi, Instagram Fam. My Instagram account has been under a ban for a month and I’m unable to post pictures, stories, like, caption, comment or engage with any of your content.

I’m literally blocked from using my page completely. If you see this post, kindly save it, like and comment under it so the algorithm can fix this issue. With love, Fabiola.

Anita Fabiola

Fabiola is not the first Ugandan celebrity to lose control of their social media accounts as in the past different celebrities have been hacked and blocked from using their own pages.

There’s so much pain that comes with losing an account that has many followers and it’s now upto her followers to save her.

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