Dembe FM presenter DJ Jacob Omutuuze has revealed that he is to be arraigned before the courts of law on Thursday 9th December, 2021 in Dubai.

Speaking through a video, DJ Jacob Omutuuze stressed that there is an allegation that his passport number committed a crime in Dubai and that is why he got arrested and detained.

He is not certain about which court he is going to be arraigned before but one of the Ugandan employees known as Elizabeth told him to prepare to face judges tomorrow.

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DJ Jacob maintains that he has never committed any crime in Dubai and has never had a stopover there because he always passes through Dubai to his other destinations during travel.

He stressed that a similar incidence first happened to him when he was traveling to Turkey and he got arrested by the Dubai immigration claiming he is a Nigerian carrying an illegal passport.

He explained that when the incident happened the first time, he checked into the Dubai Embassy in Uganda but he did not get help from the consulate as he was tossed up and down on several occasions till he gave up.

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