Renown Kampala socialite, entrepreneur, and YouTuber Nadia Matovu a.k.a Mrs. Matovu deactivated her social media accounts amid cheating rumors and a leaked nude video.

Since the weekend, Nadia Matovu’s name has been flying across the gossip corridors following a video of her that went viral online.

In the leaked video, Nadia Kabahita Matovu, who is married to Yassah Matovu, was supposedly seen in a hotel bathroom with an young man alleged to be a fellow YouTuber and Podcaster.

That was then followed with a nude video, allegedly Nadia’s, which was shared by popular Ugandan Snapchat user Senga Acid on Tuesday.

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According to different sources, the videos that have been making rounds on different social media platforms are old and were recorded a year ago.

It is reported that the videos landed in the wrong hands of someone who even tried to extort money from the socialite.

The sources also revealed that Nadia was really disturbed by the scandal and that she chose to stay away from social media for her own sanity.

She was reportedly advised to take a break from social media over two weeks ago and that’s when she deleted her hugely followed Instagram account.

We had to check her accounts to confirm the truth of the matter and apart from her YouTube channel, all her other social media accounts have been deactivated.

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