Based on a leaked voice note that is making rounds on social media, singer Prince Omar is heard confirming responsibility of Grace Khan’s newly born baby.

While Prince Omar spoke to Grace Khan’s friend who was advising them to have a closed door meeting, he eventually revealed that truly the two dated and had sexual relations.

The Bajikweka singer further stressed that he was not prepared to be the dad to Grace Khan’s baby as he asked her to abort the child but she refused.

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He noted that the child was going to be a problem to him and since all that took place he maintained that even though the child came into existance, he will only provide her with some items but remain just friends and nothing much.

The truth is Grace Khan didn’t tell me first about the pregnancy. I got to know about it after it had gone viral. I then told her we should abort and I was ready to provide the money to her.

Whatever happened between us happened and I also told her I would see her through the birth process if she wished to keep the pregnancy. The truth is I was however not prepared for this child.

There is nothing between me and Grace Khan and the child will always be an outsider. However, I will do all I can to provide where necessary. But right now I don’t have the means to provide for the child properly.

Prince Omar

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