Bad Black says Asha Panda was a perfect gift to her from God and that it came at the time as she needed someone to confide in.

When she is not causing chaos or splashing money, Ugandan socialite Bad Black, real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa, is enjoying some lone time with her fiance Asha Panda.

The two take any opportunity availed to display their affection publicly and we gotta admit, they look good together.

On Saturday, which also doubles as Christmas Day, Asha celebrated his 25th birthday.

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Through Facebook, Bad Black opened her heart wide and wrote whatever was inside it, spilling her feelings allover the blue app.

She revealed how Asha arrived in her life at the right time and how he is exactly what she needed because he doesn’t judge her.

She is also grateful for the unconditional love he shows her, the good romance, and good sex and prays he is even more blessed in 2022 so that their happiness can keep going on.

Online in-laws gather to wish muko a happy birthday. Dear husband, you came in a good time where I needed a best friend, a person who will understand me without judging me, a person who will help me raise my children with an open heart.

I needed a person who will tell me everything is gonna be alright. I was depressed, going through pain that I couldn’t share with anyone in the world but God rewarded my kind heart with you.

Darling with an open heart, allow me to wish you a happy birthday. May the good Lord open new doors in 2022 so that we be happy always. Let angels bless us.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally including good romance and sex, am satisfied. Happy birthday Slim daddy.

Bad Black

Belate happy birthday Asha!

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