Ugandan Singer and Producer Daddy Andre denies dating STV presenter and video vixen Bobo Shan contrary to reports that have been making rounds indicating that she is even pregnant with his child.

Earlier this month, while on an interview, Shan rubbished the rumors and revealed how she has never been preggers.

“I am not pregnant and have never been pregnant. I don’t know what that guy wants but what I know is that he is looking for cheap popularity. Why you guys linking me up with almost every artist?” Shan questioned.

Her statements were backed by Daddy Andre who as well does not understand why his name and Shan’s are being mentioned in the same sentence.

Bobo Shan

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The city producer does not only deny dating Bobo Shan but he also says he has no idea who that is.

“To be honest with you I don’t know anyone called Shan in my entire life,” Andre revealed during an interview.

Andre also noted how he has no reason to hide who he is dating and that he has always admitted when he is dating anyone like the case was with Nina Roz.

I have nothing to hide because you can’t hide someone you love forever. That’s why when it came to Nina, I was always honest and never hid anything. So when I say I know no one, then I don’t.

Daddy Andre

Maybe this puts the rumors to bed. We’ll see how it ends.

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