Singer Gabie Ntaate believes people fear booking her for wedding gigs because they think she is too expensive to hire.

Gabriella Bridget Ntaate is a renowned TV presenter at Spark TV. She is also a singer with most of her songs being gospel songs.

She also sings about love and her music is the type that is usually played at wedding events but she doesn’t often get the gigs.

Ntaate says she had so much faith in her song “Promise” making it big but people considered it a “white collar” song.

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She also reveals how it made her fans believe she is very expensive to hire yet she is very affordable.

Some people kept saying I might be extremely expensive to hire depending on that song. Bambi I’m affordable.

Gabie Ntaate

Gabie wants to be hired a bit more for gigs, but she also thanks God for blessing her with the favor which she prayed for.

She will releasing a brand new song dubbed “Amuleese” on Friday. She says it was written by her sister and will be a big one for mikolo (weddings).

After releasing ‘Promise’ I felt good, it’s beautiful, yet so many of you said it’s very white collar.

I wanted every body to feel like they belong to it which they do but some people kept saying I might be extremely expensive to hire depending on that song. Bambi I’m affordable, what you describe is called Favor. I prayed to get it.

However here is a mikolo song that is going to make you all feel at home. I’m excited, so should you be. And fun fact; it’s the very first song I’ve not written.

My big sister wrote it and it’s a bangeeeeerrrrr. Friday is dee day. That day has so many surprises.

Gabie Ntaate

We can’t wait for the new song. Bring it on Gabie!

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