Singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has at last released his annual best artistes performers list for 2021.

Team Good Music boss Pallaso scooped the pole position this time round and he praised him for keeping up the momentum for the second successive year running with the release of Nalonda Nemala, Ani Oyo, and Mpa Love.

Eddy Kenzo took the second position the followed by Azawi in third, Mudra, Zex Bilangilangi, Liam Voice, Spice Diana, Vinka, and Sheebah Karungi.

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The likes of Pia Pounds, Baza Baza, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Lydia Jazmine, John Blaq, Levixone, Kid Dee, and Zulitums received mentions reasoning that they are one hit wonders.

Below is his full list;


PALLASO1.Nalonda NemalaIt’s been a good second consecutive year for Pallaso with Nalonda Nemala as the major hit from him this year but also followed it up with Mpa Love, Ani oyo which were fairly good songs, Good job Done.

KENZO Eddie Kenzo flying high with Weekend and Sango ft Martha Mukisa, despite his personal challenges Kenzo Maneuvered with Weekend which I would have called the song of the year, if two people had not released what they released this year but also followed it up with Sango being the first artist to have two equally big songs in 2021.

AZAWI Swangz Avenue 2021 shining star, the only female artist to release an album in 2021 with two hit songs my year and slow dancing. With Slow Dancing as her biggest hit song and My year moderate, though all her songs on the album seem to be good and require public attention. Azawi was clearly ahead of all other female artists because of her affiliation with Record Rebel that pushed her music and brand.

MUDRA Mudra bounces back on Bebe Cool list with two hit songs ONKOSA and GWE AMANYI. I wouldn’t organize a concert and miss having this Lad perform because he represents the new energy and vocabulary of the young generation.Two big songs are two big songs for Mudra, Congs Mudra.

ZEX BILANGILANGI My firebase criminal bounces back on the Bebe Cool list with a bullet song MAGAZINE and for sure that’s all he needed to be on the list this year, this song is extremely big and good and the character is proving more likeable. When President opens the economy fully, I can’t wait to have him on my concerts.

LIAM VOICE He is a new entrant breakthrough artist this year with Omwoyo, Bus, Love Olinonya which are relatively good songs. His style of music is not easily salable unless if an artist executes it perfectly well most especially in the times of Zexs and mudras were young people are more into dancing and then listening.

SPICE DIANA The hustle continues, surely hard work had been seen from Spice Diana this year with Ready ft Fik Femaica and Body ft Nince Henry though body is an average song. Focusing a lot on showbiz and wanting to collaborate might have redirected the recognition of this young lady. I believe if she had focused more on her individual songs she would have been in a better position this year. The difference in management between Spice Diana and Azawi clearly shows much investment and experience one has in the game. If you asked me, which artist had firm ground, I would say Spice Diana but if you asked which artist is doing better Azawi. The question is, which of these positions would choose as an artist to be firm on ground or to be doing good at a certain time.

VINKA Thank God She definitely has to thank God that she appeared on Bebe Cool’s list this year with THANK GOD, otherwise surely coming from the same record company with Azawi, the business favored azawi for this year. Sometimes it’s not an artist doing that they not doing good but remember that also record companies have disadvantages otherwise I’m sure she is bouncing next year with an album.

SHEEBAH More or less nothing surprising about Sheebah doing good and yes she did good with Boyfire Ft Selector Jeff as a hit song and Yolo half hit. Its good this year we have seen more women compete with Sheeba unlike the previous years were she dominated, good job Queen Karma.

ONE HIT WONDERS 2021The culture of Bebe Cool list is not to talk about artists with one hit song but this time let appreciate them in a list.

1.Twende Tupaate – Pia Pounds

2.Onina-Baza Baza

3.Sente Nina-Kid Dee

4.Katonda yabadde Mwe Ensonga – Pastor Bugembe.


6.Omwana Wabandi-Daddy Andre.

7.Akapeesa-Lady Jazmine

8.Mbimala-John Blaq

9.Mbeera-Levixone ft Grace Morgan#gagamelinternational

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