Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nakanwagi, better known as Winnie Nwagi, says she is not in a rush for marriage and can live without being married.

The “Kisasi Kimu” singer explained that some ladies put their men under pressure to marry them something that she is not likely to do.

She mentioned that almost everyone knows how relationships are not easy to handle and deal with since they involve lots of ups and downs.

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Everyone knows how relationships are not easy to handle. Some people even force and put men on pressure to marry them. You just see wedding ceremonies but when the fact is someone could have been going through a lot of pressure. Others even threaten their lovers of how they will get imprisoned by their parents.

You know, I’m not hungry for marriage. I can live without getting married to a man.

Winnie Nwagi

When asked if her past experiences and behaviors are some of the reasons why she is still single, she totally ruled them out.

Nwagi said that she is only waiting upon the right time to get officially engaged to one partner who will understand her flaws.

Last December, Winnie Nwagi warned broke men from hitting on her.

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