With broken hair, a pale and scaly skin, once Uganda’s biggest femcee Keko reappeared in a sorry state during an Instagram live video on Monday evening.

The audio in the video was broken but she didn’t even seem to realise that. Despite several attempts by the viewers to alert her on the matter, she seemed not bothered at all.

At one point, she cleans her nose with her hands, smacks her lips, and flashes the middle finger sign before grabbing her lighter to light what appears to be a cigarette.

She appears very lonely, depressed, and not in sync with what is happening around her. All she cares about is to sip on her drink and smoke the moments away.

“Sad” is understatement for the reaction I had watching the video. The other viewers had similar reactions and only kept asking her to stop recording – in vain.

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Others also requested for her to be helped and checked into rehab but this will not be the first time such pleas fall on deaf ears.

The last time we heard about Jocelyn Tracy Keko, she was tweeting about how she was raped in 2019 after a night out on her graduation.

We then were shocked in 2020 when, despite not releasing a new song, she was nominated in the Best Female Rap Act category at the 2020 AFRIMMA awards.

Now living in Canada, Keko who once drove the Hiphop revolution in Africa seems to have lost her way with the celebrity life she formerly lived.

The Keko that was…

The name Keko brings deep memories for many African music lovers especially the Hip-hop and Rap fanatics. She broke onto the scene in 2010 with Fallen Heroes and a star was made overtime.

At her peak, no female rapper dared to stand in her way – physically or musically. She was a beast with the flow and her personality spoke volumes for a brand she had built from scratch.

She was part of the Hip-hop revolution in the Ugandan music space and her contribution to the genre can never be undermined. Her sick flows made most of the youths reconsider the favorites on their playlists.

With songs like How We Do It (feat. Radio and Weasel), Let Me Go, Alwoo, In The Air (feat. Angella Katatumba), Fly Solo, Mutima, Ready, Make You Dance, among others, Keko was destined for greatness and her achievements spoke for themselves.

She registered major wins and represented Uganda at the global stage including at the 2011 Channel O awards where she won the Most Gifted East African Video award for the How We Do It (feat. Goodlyfe) visuals.

Now, the 34-year-old Keko is not in the best shape; physically, mentally and her love for music seems to have died out. She is a shadow of her former glory, totally broken!

A lot has been attributed to her drastic fall including her deal with Sony Music Ent. Drug abuse is another vice that has slowly robbed her of her shine and even herself has spoken out on how drug abuse immensely dragged her down the gutters.

Truth is, SHE NEEDS HELP! But who is gonna give that to her? Little is known of who she is living with and even those that were close to her are quiet about her situation.

Take a look at the IG video below:

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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