Delta TV presenter Sharitah Namusoke has opened up on why she decided to throw in the towel at Bukedde TV yet she was at her peak.

While narrating her story to Anna Talia Oze of Sanyuka TV, Sharitah Namusoke explained that she tendered in her resignation letter at Bukedde TV because that she couldn’t handle fellow presenters who were fighting her.

She noted that she had to take the tough decision in efforts to save her life from destruction and stress that was piling up on her.

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Sharitah Namusoke who held her colorful wedding in the evening of last year with her new catch further stressed that she even stopped using the industrial area route since she part ways with the company.

She said that it does not bring her any fond memories but only those of the troublesome times during her stint at the industrial area based TV station.

When asked about the act of practicing witchcraft at the station, she confirmed the reports asserting that there is a lot of use of black magic though there are some individuals who are not involved in such deeds.

I had to leave Bukedde because I faced a lot of challenges while as an employee at the station and the only decision I had to do was to tender in my resignation letter.

I left because of individuals who where fighting to bring me down. Basically, I left to save my life. While leaving, I cried a lot because I left in much pain but I had to do so.

I decided never to use that road again and up to date, I don’t use that route because it brings only bad and negative memories.

Its true there is a lot of witchcraft practice at Bukedde TV. All the rumors that I was fired of any reasons they stated are all false allegations. I just resigned on my own will.

Sharitah Namusoke

Sharitah Namukose also distanced herself from allegations of stealing Bukedde TV content stressing that the first show she presented on Delta TV was shot by Delta camera men since they had attended the same function.

She confirmed that her resignation from Bukedde was just a jump from the Industrial Area station to Delta and that week she had two shows running on two stations by the same presenter.

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