Ugandan singer Joshua Baraka kicks off his 2022 musical year with “SANA”, a love song on which he features Nigerian rising star Merry-Lynn.

Released on Friday, ‘SANA’is the first single off Joshua Baraka’s upcoming run of amazing bangers this year.

Listening to the lyrics, ‘SANA’ is about loving someone who loves you back in a love relationship filled with trust and communication.

“Mulungi Sana” literally translates to “very beautiful” and the new project is a summary of the feelings of requited love.

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Joshua Baraka is a Ugandan musician with a unique blend of musical genres that has set him apart in the new generation of artists in Uganda.

His rich musical background exposed him to different forms and variations of rhythm and melody. He writes, sings, produces, plays the piano and guitar which he picked up at an early stage.     

He is inspired by Bob Marley, Maurice Kirya, Cory Henry and many more artists that have shaped up his approach to music.

Baraka refuses to be associated with a particular genre and continues to assert that his music style depends on what he wants to say at that moment. 

With his debut single titled Tomorrow, he won the hearts of many and continues to do so with his music.

He wishes to make the world a better place, one song at a time, with intentional lyrics and catchy melodies.

On the other hand, born Iyere-Eke Merrylynn Ehinomen in Abuja, Merry-Lynn is a rising Nigerian singer who isn’t shy of sharing her raw emotions in her music.

She describes it as a form of catharsis, with her music acting as the canvas with which she translates her feelings to the world.

She picked inspiration from the likes of Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Asa, and Sade who she says played an influential role in her life and sound as she grew up.

It wasn’t until secondary school where thoughts of being an actual performer began creeping into her head, inspired by the time spent in the choir.

Merry-Lynn spent time writing songs in her bedroom, taking the time to develop her craft. She was able to hone her voice and learn more about performance as a member of a girl group known as the Mercy Singers during her last two years of secondary school.

In her first year at Federal University Of Technology Owerri, a chance meeting with brothers Veen and Kiienka, both rising producers and rappers, would be the spark she needed to fully embark on her journey as a singer. They would be her guiding forces for the release of her first single Silver Surfer in 2015.

Her debut EP Petrichor arrived in 2019, a sultry blend of Soul, Jazz, Reggae and RnB. The EP showcased her lyrical prowess and musical ability as she looked inwards, drawing upon anger, hurt, love, and heartbreak to create a debut project that sounds beyond its years.

The soulfulness and rich tones of her voice still stand out, grabbing attention by nature of its warm uniqueness.

‘SANA’ was produced by Abaasa Rwemereza and J.C Muyonjo and is already available on all online music streaming platforms. Listen to it below:

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