Bad Black, real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa, says she has suffered enough and now wants to get saved and settle like Desire Luzinda who is now a preacher.

Over the years, city socialite Bad Black has been in and out of different churches, seeking for God and to get saved but in vain.

She is also a close friend to several city pastors but she does not feel settled yet in her religious life yet like Desire Luzinda has.

Luzinda was previously a secular music singer but a few years ago decided to give her life to Jesus Christ and has since reformed into a gospel singer using music and her big following to preach the word of God.

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Bad Black wants to emulate Luzinda and stop drinking alcohol and conning people of their money.

Through her Facebook account, the controversial socialite expressed her desire to settle and be trouble free.

Katonda eyalokola Desire Luzinda kyalako ewange. Mbera ki eyamufula omubulizi we njiri nga nange mboonye boonye nyo, ne mukomera natukaa, omwenge nywera ndala, obufere bukooze buli kimu naye ndokoka buli lunaku.

Oba naguuba nyo ebizibu si kyabiwulira nyamba. Ate bible gimanyi naye sitani oba asula mitwetwe. Imagine desire with all that naye nze. I also want to settle nsilike.

Bad Black


The God that saved Desire Luzinda should visit my home too. What situation made her a preacher of the gospel? I have also suffered a lot, I even served in prison, I drink a lot, I’ve conned and done everything but I get saved every other day.

Maybe I am too burdened and I no longer feel the weight of my troubles, please help me. I even understand the Bible but Satan sleeps in my bed. Imagine Desire with all that but (not) me. I also want to settle and I keep quiet.

Bad Black

We hope she can achieve what she is yearning for!

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