Faridah Nakazibwe, Spice Diana and Anne Kansiime

Chipper Cash has extended their partnership with music diva Spice Diana, comedy star Anne Kansiime, and celebrated news anchor and talk show host Faridah Nakazibwe.

The trio which has been working as media influencers for Chipper Cash has been elevated to Brand Ambassadors.

They were unveiled to the press on Thursday at Méstil Hotel in Nsambya.

“As Chipper Cash we are elevating our personalities from being media influencers to brand ambassadors,” said Chipper Cash country manager Dan Tumuramye. “We have also gone further to renew our relationships to a year pattern. So, all our ambassadors today are going to have an annual relationship with Chipper Cash,” he added.

Tumuramye added that Chipper Cash is now fully licenced by the Central Bank of Uganda and hinted at the plans for this year.

“Three years ago Chipper Cash was trading without a licence meaning that we were getting sponsorships from our partner telecoms, today we have been licenced by the Bank of Uganda so everything you’re doing on Chipper Cash is licenced and regulated by the Central Bank meaning that Chipper Cash is not going to close shop tomorrow.

“We are going to roll out virtual Visa cards. Our customers are going to be able to create Visa cards in the App which will enable you to take part in online purchases both locally and internationally.

“We plan to launch our bill payment solution where our customers will be able to pay utility bills.”

Spice Diana

Spice Diana is excited to continue with the partnership.

“Chipper Cash was the very first company that believed in me as an influencer.

“The past one year I have been with Chipper has been really amazing because as you know it has not been easy for us the artistes to have something in the pocket but Chipper has really taken care of me. We open a new chapter as an ambassador and to me, this is a great achievement. We are looking at bigger goals, bigger stuff and I’m so happy to be part of this,” said Spice Diana.

Faridah Nakazibwe speaking at the event

Nakazibwe said Chipper Cash opened her eyes investment-wise.

“I can confirm that the past one year has been wonderful. It opened my eyes to so many things, investment-wise, I was always stuck on how I can manage to handle a full-time job and then also invest on the side and with the coming of Chipper Stocks, my life has been made easy

“I’m imagining a world where we are going to do so much with little movement and I think that’s where Chipper Cash is taking us,” she said.

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“I’m so happy that I get to carry this brand with these amazing women. We will be taking Chipper everywhere we go. I’m so glad that I get to interest people in such an amazing product, it’s something I’m going to do with pleasure,” said Kansiime.

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