Sometime last year, there was a heated up debate between chubby guys and weightlifters online over the time that the latter spend in gym.

The former argued that spending time in the gym is just a total waste of time whereas the weightlifters assured how hitting the gym is helpful in many ways like fitness and keeping the body in shape.

The whole debate was ignited by accusations that weightlifters don’t want to work as their main aim is to make six packs for showing off to ladies thus nicknaming them “Smart Wires”.

Singer Jose Chameleone

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Leone Island Music Empire chief Jose Chameleone has backed up the chubby guys saying those who go to the gym have little or nothing at all to do.

He maintained that he is happy with his body and nothing is going to force him to go to the gym.

Gym is for those people who have a lot of time on their hands. Me, I don’t have that time. I am always busy.

I failed to live to that lifestyle because I tried it out but still I failed. People go to gym to reduce weight and now you want me to go and add more?

Jose Chameleone

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  1. Obutasoma buluma bukulu, Chamili, who told you that people go to the gym to “reduce” weight, may be otya kumenyeka mbiriizi eziri ku ngulu, never heard of Fitness!

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