Legendary musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone seems very ready for his death and he is already planning for the day God will call him.

The singer opened up about his light conversation with his manager Jackson Mutima Nkuuke about what he foresees when he passes on.

While in an exclusive interview on NBS TV’s After5 show, Chameleone dropped a bomb when he publicly told whoever has interests in buying his funeral to do so when he is still alive so that he can as well enjoy that money.

He stated that he is very sure that his funeral will sell out as it will have different people from different walks of life jetting in to attend his send off.

He noted that he doesn’t care to whomever Jackson Mutima sells it to whether Balaam or any promoter as long as the person buying his funeral will benefit.

When asked about the venue he would wish his corpsw would be put for public viewing, he said that would depend on the person who would have bought the funeral stressing that whether put on a boat cruise, that will be the buyer’s decision.

The “Forever” singer also added he would love to see his corpse put in an all glass casket for proper public viewing even people from a far distance unlike these usual one where someone has to first come close to view the deceased.

VIDEO: ‘I want to have a glass casket’, @JChameleone narrates how he wants his funeral to be organized.

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