In a bid to end complaints made by local artists claiming that local media outlets over play Nigerian music, Edward Ssendi has asked artists to make good music that can favorably match and compete with the Nigerians.

The renown arts analyst made the request noting that much as local artists raise similar complaints without upping their musical game, their pleas of having their music played as that of Nigerians will always fall on deaf ears.

He advised them to make music that can as well cut across in the Western part of Africa so that they also inevitably fail to cut it out but to vibe to it.

Dear Ugandans, stop complaining about local platforms playing Nigerian music. We need to make better music so that the crowd can take it in like Nigerian music. This music should also sell in Nigeria.

Edward Ssendi

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Edward Ssendi went on to cast doubt on whether Ugandan’s will be able to follow the government set Standard Operating Procedures on preventing the spread of Covid19.

Realistically, SOPs are not going to be followed in bars. But, we can do our best. Sanitising and washing hands can be enforced but other SOPs like wearing a mask in a bar, will be complicated.

Edward Ssendi

He is, however, optimistic that when the night economy fully opens, revelers will flock in large numbers and many can’t wait for the economy to be fully opened.

When the night economy reopens, there will be a massive “turn-up” everywhere. Bars will be filled up and events will be overflowing. We cannot wait for this experience.

Edward Ssendi

Solomon Mwesigwa

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