Word making rounds in the entertainment corridors has it that singer Sasha Brighton Kalungi is heavily pregnant.

The unfortunate news is that the person who is believed to be responsible for her pregnancy Crysto Panda denied being the father of the yet to be born baby.

Based on an interview done with Sanyuka TV’s UnCut show, the Serena-based NTV’s The Vybe host distanced himself from the rumors saying they are untrue and baseless.

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Crysto Panda claimed that he has never had a love affair with Sasha Brighton and that he only sees her on social media.

I am not the father of Sasha Brighton’s child. I have never had any relationship with Sasha Brighton not even being my friend. I always see her on television and social media.

Crysto Panda

It should be noted that several months ago, around the time Sasha Brighton got pregnant, she was very close to Pallaso.

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