On Wednesday night, Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black and her fiance Asha Panda reportedly hit a journalist identified as Martin during a party in Entebbe.

The reports that have been circulating on different platforms reveal that Martin, a journalist with STV Uganda, then got into a scuffle with Bad Black’s boyfriend Asha Panda.

Martin is said to have been beaten up badly and that he sustained some injuries from the scuffle.

On Thursday, through her social media, Bad Black acknowledged beating up Martin because of something he said.

Martin the STV journalist

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The socialite claims that Martin disrespected her fiance by asking a certain man if he can have sex with Bad Black infront of Asha.

That’s when all hell broke loose with Asha pouncing on the journalist and raining blows on him before being separated.

In her statement, Bad Black is ready to be summoned for the case and she has no regrets about what happened.

At 1:30am you’re still covering a birthday party putting on TV uniform, it has been 13 yrs nga bannamawurile mumanyira nga nsilika because Uganda government terina mataka gabafuga kati mutumayira nyo.

Gwe Martin eyo embizi yeyabadde ekulowoozesa nti you can beat my slim daddy, you started the trouble. How can you ask another man if he can f**k me in front of my husband? Wabadde omanyi ndi namukazi munange. Kifesi yakubye nga gwe omuluma bulumi.

Dear Martin be nursing wounds am waiting for summons my lawyers always ready. Paparazzi it’s been long time disrespecting people’s relationship, ku*****ko.

Bad Black

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