Former BBS Telefayina TV host Maureen Naluwooza alias Momo19 claims that if she fails to get back back with Daxx Kartel, she will never date a prominent person again.

Momo19 shared her experience of dating celebrities amid reports that she is rekindling her relationship with ex-husband Ssebunya Sulaiman, popularly known as Daxx Kartel Omuyeeruba.

During the interview, she cited witchcraft as the root cause of wrecking her marriage with Daxx, revealing how voodoo was planted by one of her close friends during their wedding.

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She went on to narrate that the next time she gets into a serious love affair, she wants to do it with a person from overseas since her relationship that is on the rocks has taught her a tough lesson.

If I fail to get back with Daxx Kartel, I will never date a known person or a celebrity. In fact, I will be wanting someone who doesn’t know me, (someone) from like outside Uganda.


She also said that the time she was dating Daxx, many people did not want them to be together and that she hated how Daxx’s manager wanted to control and dictate their private affairs.

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