Singer Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim, has opened up on how she used to worry about the future of her children before she relocated to the United States of America, where she is permanently based currently.

Through a lengthy post on her Instagram account, Daniella Atim narrated that before she left the country, she would sometimes be forced to make very uncomfortable decisions in her life due to the way how life had pushed to the wall.

During those days, she worried so much about how her children would turn out to be and that always saw her have several sleepless nights thinking and staying deep in thoughts making her feel unhappy all the time.

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She added that deep down in her heart, she always knew that she was playing her role as a mother perfectly but still she always felt something missing and whenever they have family prayers with her siblings, she would ask them to pray for her family and children.

The request became her daily prayer request and many always wondered why she would all the time tender in the same request.

Below is her full explanation.

For the last couple of years I constantly Worried about my children, how life had pushed me to make some very uncomfortable decisions, I worried so much about how they would turn out, many nights I was sleepless worrying about them. I knew I was doing my part but I was fully aware I was not enough for them ….every time we had prayer sessions with my brothers and sisters back home I always specifically asked them to pray for my children, every time some one asked me “mama Abba, is there something specific you would like me to join you in prayer ?” My answer was always the same ,”pray for my children. Everyone knew what my prayer request would be every time. Then one day my prayer partner, @amon_crucial reminded me of God’s promises, he said “mama Abba, stop worrying about your children ,your children shall be raised and taught by God and great shall be the peace of your children “Isaiah 54:13. and I must have broken down during one of our prayer sessions and he reminded me “You will not labor in vain, nor will they bear children doomed to misfortune; for they will be a people blessed by the LORD, they and their descendants with them.”isaiah 65:25. Amon said, ”it is well my sister , God shall align you and your children into great communities and bring forth great people who will help you raise your children, we talked and talked and since then I have had PEACE . Every time I am faced with a challenge I get on my knees and say “God, do something about this situation, the children and I are relying on you to show up “…and just like that I dropped my fears and lifted my head up. Now when my sisters and brothers call me, they ask why I no longer ask them to pray for my children and my response is “the children are ok ,they are healthy and doing great in school ,they have made great friendships too and Abba will soon join university and also we have a very great community that embraced us completely “ You people ,it’s so nice to be a believer.

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