Catherine Kusasira speaks out on how she has not been appreciated enough for the hard work she invested in the NRM party during the 2021 elections.

Singer Catherine Kusasira was, together with a few other local celebrities, made presidential advisors ahead of the 2021 presidential elections.

President MUSEVENI bangi sibaano, those you trust wil be the lead in your downfall.

Catherine Kusasira

The group that consisted of Buchaman, Full Figure, among others was responsible for bridging the gap between the poor and the president.

They were gifted cars, money, given security detail, among other things.

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Catherine Kusasira, however, believes they were not appreciated enough for the good job they invested in thr National Resistance Movement party.

Through a Facebook post sent out on Saturday, the band singer publicly aired out her dissatisfaction with the inside bosses at NRM.

She revealed how she lost everything for NRM including friends, business, and fans but has not been rewarded for her hard work.

She said that the people that were directed to reward those that invested their strength and commitment to the party instead did the opposite.

Kusasira also advised the president H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni that the people he trusts will be the cause of his downfall.

I have lost everything because of my party NRM, there is a lot of unfairness in NRM as a party. You work hard and be committed to everything in the party for the betterment but never to be appreciated.

I really sacrificed a lot during the last campaigns where I even went for bank loans and started projects as a way of motivating the youths as a tactic of fighting the pressure group that had arose (NUP).

Why NRM? I have lost a lot because of you; business, friends and fans because of choosing you as my party.

I thought president MUSEVENI was the commandant and he was always respected by his representatives but then it’s vise versa because for whoever he directs to perform, they do the opposite.

I have never been rewarded and appreciated for the strength and commitment I showed during that time, but instead (I) lost everything I had before. Lwaki NRM you such a disgrace to me and to us who sacrificed everything bkoz of you.

President MUSEVENI bangi sibaano, those you trust wil be the lead in your downfall.

Catherine Kusasira

Catherine Kusasira is not the first celebrity to call out the NRM bosses.

The likes of Full Figure, Jajja Ichuli a.k.a Isma Olaxess, Full Figure, Ashburg Katto, among others have taken the same path in the past.

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