Kabako, a Team No Sleep affiliated singer, maintains that he will always have his ex label mate Sheebah Karungi’s back no matter where she goes.

With Sheebah out of TNS, the music camp seems a big brand less and remains with a few faded artistes and the lesser known likes of Sama Sojah and Rahmah Pinky.

It is not so clear where Kabako stands at the moment as he has not said much since Sheebah left the camp.

Regardless, the Sabisubira singer believes she will be able to survive as a star in this industry even without the push of her former boss.

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During a recent interview on BBS Telefayina, Kabako maintained that Sheebah is a bigger brand than her former record label.

He believes she can survive the situation of having parted ways with the management that made her the big star that she is now.

Sheebah is a very big brand. She is bigger than Team No Sleep that I’m under. She is so much of a superstar that I even fear including her in my jazz for fear of being misquoted.


Kabako also revealed how he will always have Sheebah’s back regardless of where she goes next because they are very good friends.

“I will always side with Sheebah. Wherever she is going, we shall go together,” Kabako emphasized in the interview.

It should be noted that Sheebah is also a very tight friend of Kabako’s wife Jazira Ddumuna and is believed to be the reason why the two met.

Talk of lotalty!

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