CBS FM Emmaduso Township presenter Mbaziira Tonny survived a deadly accident on Friday night that left his car in a very bad condition.

Mbaziira Tonny is reported to have got involved in the accident in the areas of Kaliisizo as he was coming from Kyotera.

Along the way, he got scared by a speeding Boda-boda guy who he was about to crush and in the process of saving the boda-boda guy, his car instead overturned several times.

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The good news though is that he did not get serious injuries and he is reported to be doing quite well.

Mbaziira Tonny ow’ebinyaanya asimattuse akabenje!Muweereza munnaffe Mbaziira Tonny akuweereza program Township Tunes ku Mmanduso asimattuse akabenje mu bitundu by’e Kaliisizo mu kiro ekikeesezza leero. Abadde ava mu bitundu by’e Kyotera wabula abadde agezaako okutaasa omugoba wa boodabooda, emmotoka n’egaana kwekwefuula. Yafunyeemu obuvune obutonotono , tumusabire assuuke

We thank God for saving his life!

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