Maria Gladys Namuleme, better known as Margla Da Raggamuffin Gyal, has shared a touching story revealing how giving birth to her second baby, Elaine Ines Eder Monika, was a challenging task.

Based on a lengthy post that she shared on Facebook page, Margla disclosed that the process under which her second child came to life was scary.

She noted that the doctors found her Amniotic fluid less to support the baby to survive and went on to stress that the baby’s amblical cord was tied around her neck twice and across one of her arms.

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The former local dancehall singer further stressed how her baby’s heartbeat was also low, something that put them under more panic which is not good news at all for person who expects to give life to a new baby.

Thankfully, God saw them through the challenges as doctors worked tirelessly to save the baby’s life, leaving Margla and husband Eder speechless but praising and thanking the Almighty for blessing them with their first child.

Yes it was scary as my Amniotic fluid was less for the baby to survive. Baby’s Amblical cord was tied around her neck twice and on arm and my baby’s heartbeat was low

But thank God due to the medical care given by the doctors and midwives, I WAS ABLE TO HAVE A BOUNCING BABY GIRL.


This pregnancy was challenging as I had to go to SCHOOL (thank God I passed my exams too). I also had to go to WORK.. and also do my WIFE DUTIES and MOM DUTIES lol. (so I must thank ME also for being a strong WOMAN.

Margla Da Raggamuffin Gyal

Congratulations once again to Margla and Eder!

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